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             Arabicy  is the new way to learn Arabic language for non native Arabic


Easy Learning


interactive lessons


No teacher needed at all


suitable for all non-Arabic speakers


step by step walkthrough


Arabic is the 5th most commonly spoken language in the world.


 Gain critical language skills useful in over 50 countries.


 Million peoples , there native language is Arabic.


  There are many myths about difficulty of Arabic. The truth is : it is easy.


 Arabic is spiritual language that is full of music,calmness, and craziness in the same time.


 Arabic is logical language that each letter or word come in logical reason.

Arabicy Core Features

Rocketing in Arabic in few minutes

Arabicy will rocket you from 0% level in Arabic language to more than 20 % in matter of few minutes , and gradually build up to improve your professional in Well planned method.

Spelling rather than remembering words

Arabicy uses spelling method for reading , that is based of old almustansiryha school( established in 1227 in Baghdad ) method for teaching arabic for non arab speakers.

Step By step walk through

Arabicy will walk you through early simple notes about Arabic language like number of characters in Alphabet , through a journey of different  levels till you reach some complex topics in Arabic language that even native Arabs are not aware about.

Translate & Arabizied

Arabicy Translate everything to English , you will not feel you swim in different sea. also everything are Arabizied when necessary to let you read Arabic using English letters.

interactive lessons and quizzes

Arabicy is build to be fully interactive in lessons and quizzes , in a way that you can navigate different sections and questions in certain lesson easily. This interactive manner will increase your productivity and engagement in the learning process.

Arabic Language logical build up

Arabicy , unlike all other program, is designed to consider , the logical build up of entities within the language. In Arabicy , you can deep in grammar for example , before even you control the articulation of some letters , because logically it is more important to learn the language.

Each Lesson in Arabicy Contains Four well organized easy Sections  







I wasn’t imagine Arabic would be so easy so fun , Aarabicy , you really make my business trip , awesomeness. Margarita Noha

Beauty salon specialist

do not believe all myths about Arabic language. Arabicy will make life for you easy. Steve John

Structure Engineer

Amazing, fantasic , and joyful way , to understand strange language! Finally i did it. David Manahim


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